Identify problems and misconfigurations on your Kubernetes cluster, without the expertise.

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KuboScore runs multiple scenarios on your clusters to check for potential misconfigurations and bad practices that will lead to security incidents or performance issues.

These scenarios are based on our extensive consulting experiences and years of practice. We crafted some real life scenarios that can be executed on your cluster to audit its state, health, security level, configuration, and much more.

It’s free to use, start analyzing your cluster configuration right away!


Real-life scenarios

KuboScore will run various scenarios that will check the configuration of:

  • general cluster components

  • core Kubernetes features for applications

  • applications communications and traffic restrictions

  • external traffic support

  • Kubernetes restrictions mechanisms

  • cloud services interconnections

  • storage support

  • security and compliance with security best practices

  • important administrative features

  • cluster configuration and availability of important add-ons

  • existing workloads’ health and compliance with best practices

It will take about 20 to 30 minutes to perform a complete analysis.

Review the results

At the end of the process, you will be provided with a global score and some details regarding the scenarios that passed or failed.

Get your report

For more in-depth details about each scenario – like root causes, potential consequences or how to fix – you can purchase a professional report as well as an enterprise grade report to help you investigate and resolve reported configuration issues.

How does it work?

KuboScore is available in two different modes:

  • cloud mode

  • local mode

Cloud mode

In cloud mode, we use the Kubernetes API to connect to your cluster and run our scenarios. Your cluster must be publicly reachable or behind a SSH bastion to which we can connect.

Standalone mode

With KuboScore in local mode, you can perform a scoring of any cluster, as long as you can reach it.

You just need to install KuboScore CLI and run it with sufficient privileges on your cluster!

At the end of the scoring, you will get a file containing the scoring results. You can import this file in KuboScore to review your results and get your report.

When the analysis is running, whatever mode you chose, a bunch of resources will be created on your cluster in order to assess its state. You will be able to follow the execution and see the scenarios outcome.

Resources that we create are deleted at the end of the scenarios, by the end of the analysis your cluster will be left as if we were never there!

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