Detect emerging issues before they spread out and affect your applications.

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Thanks to real time scanning and a beautifully crafted dashboard, KuboVisor identifies pods anomalies, failed deployments and other health issues of all your Kubernetes clusters in one place, with the context you need to troubleshoot efficiently your clusters.

Keep an eye on all your clusters’ health and be notified as soon as an issue occurs! You can set your own triggers to decide when we should send you an alert. Emails, in-app and system notifications are supported so you never gets startled when something goes wrong!

Take advantage of our free trial and start detecting issues on your clusters!


One view to rule them all

With KuboVisor, you will be able to see 6 key issues indicators – system health, nodes availability, CPU and RAM usage, workload health and reservation state – for all your cluster in one place, whether your cluster is on a private or public cloud.

This overview allows you to quickly know which one of your clusters needs your immediate attention.

Troubleshoot with context

Once you know which cluster needs your attention, you will be able to see in detail the ongoing issues on that cluster.

For each issue, you will be provided the following information:

  • issue description

  • potential consequences if not solved

  • the list of involved/affected ressources

  • fixing guidance and tips

Hassle free with alerting

You can set up notifications to be alerted by email in case of problems.

Take control with custom settings

If our defaults do not suit your needs, you can set custom indicator triggers and resources filters to your taste.

Resolve issues like a pro

If an issue is spotted, we will give you some leads and advice to fix it.

Experts at your fingertips

If you cannot resolve the issue by yourself, we are always happy to help! You can contact our experts by email or via our in-app chat.

How does it work?

We use the Kubernetes API to connect to your cluster and gather the data we need. In the eventuality that your cluster is only accessible through a SSH tunnel, do not worry: we got that covered, too.

In order to be as disturbingless as possible, we only get the data when we need to. This process only takes a few seconds and will not disrupt your existing workload. We then process the results on our servers before handing them to you in our user interface.

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